Facilitator Cards

The ideas you need, in the palm of your hand.
Facilitator Cards
Mica Warton Justice & Equity Consultant

They make my planning time shorter and, most importantly, they help me be more flexible in the moment during a workshop.

Barb Pedersen Certified Professional Facilitator

Quick reminders, tons of techniques, and I love having them easily transportable and categorized rather than in a book!

Sharon R. Social Worker

I just started using the cards, the process was so smooth and I created an outline with total confidence!

Kim Woozy Director of Marketing & Partnerships

I had a last minute brainstorming meeting pop up and my colleague and I grabbed our decks and breeze through figuring out how to run the meeting on the fly!

Mallory Hilkewich Manager, Education & Training

These cards are simple, practical, and impactful! Long gone are overly long descriptions and Googling endless facilitation ideas.