Facilitator Cards

Creative facilitation made easy. 60 waterproof cards for facilitation planning & responding to your group — whether you’re facilitating in-person or virtually on Zoom.

Deck Specs

60 wet-erase-ink compatible, waterproof cards (2.5" x 3.5").
• 15 cards for surfacing emotions & thoughts
• 15 cards for generating ideas
• 15 cards for clarifying concepts
• 15 cards for making decisions

Sturdy, glossy, two-piece box with icon key.

What's included?

Every deck is an all-access pass to a cavalcade of facilitator resources & support including:

- Live-facilitated training to help you get to know your cards
- PDF of the book Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation
- exclusive access to our Card-Carrying Community
- monthly events like our Facilitator Brain Jams

Kickstarter Funded!

359 wonderful facilitators came together to fund the manufacturing of Facilitator Cards (in the midst of a pandemic, no less).

More trees. Happier bees.

We're committed to the flourishing of our environment & human well-being. And these aren't just things we say: we're legally bound to this commitment. That's what being a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) means. It also means that every deck of Facilitator Cards purchased leads to more trees & happier bees.

Ready for Zoom (Even if You're Not).

Virtual facilitation is a new frontier for many of us. Browse the Virtual Facilitation Guide for step-by-step activities and inspiration.

Created by facilitators, for facilitators.

One day, not so long ago, a pair of co-facilitators had gotten themselves into trouble. With a three-day training just one week away, they learned their plan wouldn’t work, and they didn’t have time to get the information they needed to make a new plan (oh no!). What were they going to do?‌

They would have to create the training as it happened, using each activity to plan the next. It was a big challenge.

To prepare, they thought hard about every activity and process they had ever facilitated or participated in. Then they wrote each one down on an index card. And they brought a whole stack with them to facilitate the training. It was a great success! (Hooray!)

For years, Meg & Sam kept remaking these index cards, even when they weren’t in trouble. The cards helped them be creative and made planning new facilitations easy and fun.

Then Sam had an idea. What if these were real cards? What if we made them beautiful, indestructible, and reusable? Sam started researching what it would take, then got to designing the cards. Meg thought it was a great idea and was excited to help.

Fast forward through two years of testing, tweaking, and feedback, Meg & Sam reached out to their facilitator communities to see if the excitement was mutual. 359 facilitators said, “Yep!”, funding the manufacturing of the first deck on Kickstarter.

And Facilitator Cards were born!

Order more. Save more.

The environmental restoration & fulfillment costs for multiple decks aren’t that much more than single orders, so we’re happy to pass those savings on to you.

2-3 decks: use code COFAC for 21% off.
4-5 decks: use code MULTI for 22% off.
6-7 decks: use code GROUP for 23% off.
8-9 decks: use code OFFICE for 24% off.
10+ decks: use code OMGWUT for 25% off.

For larger bulk orders, email hello@facilitator.cards.

Use code BUYINDIE to save $10* off your deck.
*Technically you'll save 15%, so that's even more than $10 :)

Easy Shipping

Free domestic orders. $10 flat rate international shipping with tracking on every order.

Carbon Neutral

It's hard (impossible?) to be neutral as a facilitator but we work to be as a business by offsetting all our emissions.