Facilitator Cards


Facilitator Cards, a deck of 60 tried-and-true facilitation processes.

Plan with confidence and create agendas with ease.

Get the tools used by professional trainers around the world. Loved by 1800+ facilitators in 25+ countries!

Kickstarter funded 🚀 facilitator-approved 🤓 

What's Included?

Along with your deck you'll receive:

- A free live-facilitated training every month all about building agendas and learning new activities with your Facilitator Cards
- Our guide "12 Strategies to Increase Participation In Meetings"
- A Virtual Facilitation resource for how to facilitate the cards online

and more!

Virtual Facilitation Guide

Our Virtual Facilitator Guide (included with your deck) will walk you step-by-step through how to use the cards on any online platform.

Deck Specs

60 waterproof cards 2.5" x 3.5", wet-erase-ink compatible
• 15 cards for surfacing emotions
• 15 cards for brainstorming
• 15 cards for clarification
• 15 cards for decision making

All cards are double-sided. One side has a short description of the process. The other side has blank space to write your notes directly on the cards with wet-erase markers.

Why Cards?

Rather than looking through books, notes, or endless suggestions on a website, Facilitator Cards make it easy to find interactive and participatory processes.

New Ideas 🔥

When we facilitate or lead meetings we default to the same methods over and over.

Facilitator Cards make it easy to mix things up and keep your facilitations fresh.

Four Powerful Categories 💪

Every deck has 15 cards in each category to surface emotions, generate ideas, clarify ideas, and make decisions.

Be ready for whatever your group needs.

👀 Preview all 60 cards here!

Perfect Pair 👯

Use wet-erase markers on your Facilitator Cards to keep your notes directly on the card (and wipe off when you're done)!

Get our 3-pack!

Carbon Neutral 🌳

It's hard (impossible?) to be neutral as a facilitator.

But as a business, we make your Facilitator Cards–from manufacturing to when they are delivered to your door–carbon neutral.

Read about how we more than 10x offset our carbon!

Get Connected

Be in community with other facilitators from around the world via our Facebook group and special live events!

Get Guidance

With every deck you get access to a free live training to help you put your Facilitator Cards right to work!

Get Resources

We are constantly making resources available (like the Virtual Facilitation Guide) to support our community!